Water Treatment & Water Disinfection

Water Treatment & Water Disinfection

Water disinfection represents one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Not only for drinking water disinfection, but also for the disinfection of process water and product water in industrial applications, cooling water and swimming pool water. It is for just this purpose that ProMinent offers one stop Smart Disinfection: from initial consultation through to operation.

Smart disinfection is not only an empty word for us, but rather demonstrated by finding solutions day-to-day.
Individually for each industry, target-oriented on each challenge. And always in compliance with the three premises:

  • Low impact: minor effect on environment, human beings and machines
  • Less cost: reduced operating costs by optimal, custom-designed technologies
  • High efficiency: high effectiveness at far smaller efforts but highest operational reliability

High efficient disinfection solutions, constantly assimilated on the current fields of application together with a complete product- and service-portfolio of one single manufacturer – these advantages are solely offered by ProMinent.
Various disinfection technologies have to be combined? ProMinent will accept the challenge and find a solution.
Our customers may count on technologically independent, innovative systems combining safety and environmental protection with efficiency and sustainability at reduced operating costs and therefore high profitability.

Water disinfection processes

Chlorine dioxide
  • This extremely reactive gas is suitable for chlorine-free, effective disinfection
  • Stronger effect than chlorine
  • Effect independent of water pH value
  • Can break down biofilms and prevent legionella attacks
  • Provides long-lasting microbacterial protection through depot effect
  • Acts without forming chlorinated by-products
  • Strongest permitted oxidation and disinfectant agent
  • Produces no undesirable side products and decomposes to oxygen
  • Also suitable for chemical-free iron removal/manganese removal
  • Also suitable for removal of arsenic and pesticide residues
  • Chemical-free disinfection by use of short-wave UV radiation
  • Safely kills germs without affecting the water quality
  • Provides reliable protection against parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  • German Gas and Water Association (DVGW) certified performance
  • Safe disinfection using sodium hypochlorite (sodium-calcium hypochlorite)
ECA water
  • Safe disinfection using hypochlorous acid
  • Protection against corrosion due to low chlorine content
  • Chemical-free and safe removal of turbidity, bacteria and viruses with constant filtrate quality independent of the raw water turbidity
  • Very high retention rates for bacteria with removal of 99.999% (calculated for MS2 phages) and viruses, 99.99%.


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