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Process Overview pH Control

Process Overview pH Control

The pH value is one of the most important chemical values. Determination and control of pH is standard in many industrial applications, in water treatment and in quality control of liquids.

The desired pH value can be precisely adjusted by the addition of acid or alkali. An absolute must, particularly in neutralisation processes with stringent requirements for reliability and accuracy. ProMinent offers the right solutions for this – whether as an inline or batch process, as a stand-alone dosing station, or linked to a central control system

Complete solutions from storage of acids and alkalis, through dosing equipment, to matched measurement and control equipment:

  • Dosing stations for acids and alkalis
  • Dosing pumps suitable for all media and dosing capacities
  • pH electrodes for fitting in by-pass, exchangeable and immersion housings, or direct in pipelines for flexible process connection
  • Controllers with extensive functions, optimally matched to sensor technology and dosing equipment, or simple transmitters, with PROFIBUS® interface too, for tailor-made control loop setup
  • For standard configurations: measuring and dosing stations available as Plug & Play modules
  • Complete neutralisation plants supplied pre-assembled and ready for operation

pH control loop – batch operating mode


ProMinent® dosing station for acidController for final monitoring of pH/temperature DULCOMETER® D1C
ProMinent® dosing station for alkalipH electrode and temperature sensor DULCOTEST® in by-pass housing
Batch tankCirculation pump von Taine®
pH electrode DULCOTEST® in immersion housing ProMinent® static mixer
Controller for pH control DULCOMETER® D1CpH sensor DULCOTEST®

pH control loop – inline operating mode


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