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DULCOMETER® DMT 2-Wire-Transmitters

DULCOMETER® DMT 2-Wire-Transmitters

DULCOMETER® transmitters type DMT are compact 2-wire-transmitters for the measuring variable pH, Redox, Chlorine, conductive conductivity and temperature. They can easily be combined with programmable logic controllers. The devices offer highest process safety at a comprehensive application spectrum. Various construction types (wall mounting or control panel mounting) make flexible use possible.


  • Universally implementable as many measuring values controllable: pH, Redox, conductivity, Chlorine, temperature
  • Ideal adjustment to process requirements thanks to various stages of extension
  • Seamless integration into your process technology: variable installation possibilities for the sensors
  • Easy and clear user guidance with text indicator on big graphic display in 5 languages
  • Big, easily readable graphic display for measuring values, correction values and information
  • High operation safety: probe monitoring (pH) and electrical isolation
  • Simple flexible installation
  • Automatic buffer recognition (pH)
  • Autoranging (conductivity, no measurement range shift)
  • Compact design
  • Switch between pH, Redox and temperature
  • Automatic recognition of platinum thermometre (Pt 100/Pt 1000)
  • Measuring value simulation mode for test purposes
  • Bus interface (PROFIBUS®-DP) 

Application Areas

  • Process control in chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Water treatment
  • Effluent water treatment
  • Power stations


  • Measuring variables: pH, Redox, conductivity, Chlorine, temperature
  • High measuring safety thanks to symmetric input for pH and Redox
  • Residual current: 23 mA
  • Display of  sensor impedance for pH and Redox
  • Mounting to pillars, pipes, wall and panel mounting
  • Communication interface PROFIBUS®-DP

Technical Data

Measurand Measuring and Control Range Resolution Sensor input                    
pH -1,00...15,00
0,01 pH Input resistance > 5 x 1011 ?
Redox -1200...+1200 mV
1 mV  Input resistance > 5 x 1011 ?
Chlorine 0,01 - 5,00 ppm
0,1 - 50,00 ppm

Clamp (DMT Chlorine sensors with 5-pole control cable)

Temperature -20...+150 °C 0,1 °C Clamp Pt 100 / Pt 1000
Conductive Conductivity 1 µS/cm - 200 mS/cm (autoranging) 0,01µS/cm Clamp (2- or 4 electrodes measuring cells) 


Measurand Value
Accuracy 0,5 % of measuring range
Correction variable Temperature over Pt 100 or Pt 1000 (Self recognition)
Correction range

pH: 0...100°C

Conductivity: 0...100°C (unidimensional temperature compensation)

Chlorine: 5...45 °C

Cell constant at conductivity 0,006...12,0/cm
Feed voltage

2-wire-transmitter: 16...40 V DC, nominal 24V DC

Profibus-DP: 16...30 V DC, nominal 24 V DC

Protection class

Wall mounted: IP 65

Control panel version: IP 54

Ambient temperature

Wall mounted: -5...55°C (not precipitating)

Control panel version: -5...55 °C (not precipitating)

Dimensions in mm (HxWxD)

Wall mounted: 125 x 135 x 75

Control panel version: 125 x 135 x 30 

Weight in g 450

ProMinent offers DULCOMETER® measurement and control devices, DULCOTEST® sensor technology as well as ProMinent metering pumps for the creation of complete control circuits. Measuring, Control, Dosing and Recording, all from one hand and optimally inter-adjusted.