Orlita® Evolution: adapts perfectly to its surroundings

Product news 21 March 2017

Our new hydraulic diaphragm metering pump Orlita® Evolution is ready for anything: it is robust and ATEX-tested, incredibly flexible thanks to its modular construction and always very powerful. So it is extremely safe and reliable.

Evolution – defined by ProMinent

Evolution means continual development and optimisation to meet requirements to an ever higher standard. Which makes it an appropriate name for our newly developed hydraulic diaphragm metering pump Orlita® Evolution, which we unveiled last year. Its intelligent functions place it in the upper premium segment. It meters liquid media with extremely high precision, achieves a reproducibility of better than ±1 %, complies with the strict requirements of the ATEX standard and pumps 3 l - 7,400 l per hour with infinite stroke length adjustment at a back pressure of 400 bar - 10 bar. And of course it also meets the highest standards of process reliability and flexibility.

Maximum process reliability

The Orlita® Evolution protects itself against nearly all malfunctions and impermissible operating statuses. The intelligent temperature control system keeps the pump's operating temperature within the permitted range at all times. An integrated relief valve reduces overpressure and starts automatic self-bleeding to allow metering to continue in normal operation. The Orlita® Evolution is of course equipped with our proven multi-layer diaphragm with diaphragm rupture warning system. And the new diaphragm position control prevents damage to the robust PTFE diaphragm even in the event of serious malfunctions. For this feature, developed in house, a patent has been applied for.

Very high flexibility

Like most ProMinent pumps the Orlita® Evolution is modular, so you get the optimum pump for any usage scenario. Individual pumps have a vertically or horizontally mounted motor to allow them to be accommodated in any installation situation. They can also be combined to create systems of up to five metering units, which may have different pump capacities. ProMinent is flexible as a company too: the first three Orlita Evolution pumps were sold before the official product launch and have already gone into operation.

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