Prevention of legionella - Certified chlorine dioxide system Bello Zon®

Product news 23 March 2018

The Flemish Ministry of Health only permits approved disinfectants and disinfection processes for protection against legionella. Chlorine dioxide systems Bello Zon® have been certified for this since the beginning of 2018.

Water quality in accordance with the EU directive

The high quality standards for potable water in recent decades have been consistently further developed and implemented in Belgium. Belgian water quality always corresponds to the directives defined by the European Union. Belgian potable water is one of the foodstuffs that is subject to strict controls like in Germany. Analytic methods to check the quality of water for human consumption are specified in the EU directive (98/83/EC).

Appropriate treatment and disinfection measures are implemented in order to comply with the required water quality. For example, a minimal amount of chlorine is added to Belgian tap water to eliminate microorganisms, bacteria, viruses etc. The chlorine concentration is so low that it usually has no impact on taste or water quality. The drinking water quality in Belgium therefore complies with the specified regulations.

In addition, the Flemish Ministry of Health issued a Legionella Directive, which defines alternative protective measures for the disinfection of water in order to prevent Legionnaire's disease.

Only treatment substances and disinfection processes approved by the Ministry may be used for the disinfection of water for human consumption.

In January 2018, chlorine dioxide systems Bello Zon® were certified as an alternative disinfection process in accordance with the Legionella Directive.

The certification defines all the conditions for the proper operation of the chlorine dioxide system. These include, amongst other things, the raw materials sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid that must comply with NBN EN 938 and NBN EN 939. The chlorine dioxide content is also prescribed (up to 0.4 mg/l after the injection and up to 0.2 mg/l at the farthest inlet) as well as the chlorite and chlorate content that should be monitored before and after operation, both at the start and end of the drinking water systems.

Ready for you: control and monitoring anytime und anywhere

Chlorine dioxide systems with controller DACb or DUCLOMARIN® provides reliable control as well as monitoring from anywhere and anytime using the most flexible communication options: LAN capable and convenient remote access via integrated web server to optimize efficiency and profitability.

Certificate- Healthy through legionella prevention with Bello Zon®

Certificate - Saine grâce à la prévention de la légionellose avec Bello Zon®

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