ProMinent electrolysis system generates disinfectant against COVID-19

March 2020

The effective disinfection of surfaces plays the central role in the containment of the corona virus. With our electrolysis systems, the highly effective disinfectant can be produced directly on site. The North Italian civil defence is already benefiting from this.

Italian civil protection in Piemont receives support to curb COVID-19:
ProMinent Italiana S.r.l. leaves two electrolysis plants to the municipality of Chieri, in the Province of Turin. They generate an effective disinfectant on site. This allows to reliably disinfect all hard surfaces, for example of banisters, doorknobs, bedside tables, floors and walls, etc.

After the explosive outbreak of the corona virus in northern Italy, ProMinent acted immediately and contacts various points of contact for civil protection (e.g. in Bolzano, Turin ...). To slow down the spread of the corona virus, surfaces in buildings and vehicles have to be effectively disinfected. Agents that effectively kill them are based on ethanol, hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite.

WHO and the ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control) recommend chlorine as a suitable disinfectant. If these active substances are used in the appropriate concentration, they reduce the number of infectious coronaviruses by four so-called log levels within shortest time. This means a reduction in the number of germs from one million to only 100 disease-causing particles.

This is where plants from ProMinent come into play: they can be used to produce the highly effective disinfectant sodium hypochlorite. All you need is salt, water and electricity. Special is the very low concentration, which has a strong disinfecting effect. Two CHLORINSITU® IIa electrolysis systems are expected to be delivered in the next few days. ProMinent Italy employees take care of installation and commissioning on site

"Disinfectants are becoming rare, especially in northern Italy, our high-risk zone," explains Eng. Massimo Calabrò, Managing Director, ProMinent Italiana S.r.l. and continues: “and disinfection is currently, apart from avoiding social contacts, the only method to slow down the spreading of the virus. This applies especially to all surfaces on which, according to experts, the corona virus remains capable of reproduction and infection for up to 6 days. This can be prevented by treating the surfaces with disinfectant, for example by wiping them with a disinfectant solution. This requires large quantities of disinfectant, which can be generated on site with the compact electrolysis systems. Compared to other processes, no dangerous chemicals are required. Salt, water and electrical energy are completely sufficient.” Calabrò says and adds:" The disinfectant solution can be used directly and ensures virus-free surfaces. We hope that this will make a contribution to effectively reducing the spread of COVID-19. ”

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