ProMinent equips new Doemens technical center with a chlorine dioxide system

November 2021

ProMinent ensures a modern disinfection process in the Doemens Academy.The Heidelberg based company is equipping the new filling technology center with a Bello Zon® CDLb chlorine dioxide dosing system.

The system can generate up to 12 g/h CIO2 and is designed with measurement technology and accessories for disinfecting the water in the bottle washing system. Chlorine dioxide is the agent of choice here because it is sufficiently effective even at a high pH value. Students from the national and international beverage and food industry can gain practical experience of how bottles can be effectively sterilized with low CIO2 concentrations before they are filled.

The dosage in the cold water zone of the bottle washer is designed to disinfect up to 5,000 bottles per hour. CIO2 is added to the washing water precisely and depending on the measured value. The effective concentration of the chlorine dioxide solution is 1.5 ppm CIO2.

No chlorine dioxide can escape from the system due to the closed gas flow. This ensures economical, environmentally friendly operation with minimal use of chemicals.

At the moment, only 2.5 g/h CIO2 is required to disinfect the water in the bottle washing system. The system can therefore be operated in part-power mode in a particularly energy-saving and chemical-saving manner. If the technical center is to be expanded, the system has sufficient power reserves. To supplement the system to supply additional metering points, there is also space in the metering station for an additional metering pump.

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  • The chlorine dioxide system Bello Zon CDLb 12 produces up to 12 g/h of chlorine dioxide with storage for peak metering. The system for the production of a chlorine-free chlorine dioxide solution is especially suitable for multiple points of injection.

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