aquanale 2019: Digital Fluid Management with DULCOnneX

October 2019

The DULCO flex Control DFXa peristaltic metering pump in combination with their DULCOnneX gateway enable simple monitoring, analysis and optimisation of processes. Digitally networked, all the necessary information is available for optimum system control and ensures trouble-free processes at all times.

Additional application possibilities result from the optimal interaction with a newly developed suction lance. Perfectly matched to the control circuit of the pump, the filling level can be measured very accurately.

Service-friendly peristaltic metering pump

Another highlight is the new peristaltic metering pump DULCO flex Control DFXa. Its intuitive operating interface with click wheel, 4 additional operating keys and large LC display enables intuitive operation.

The dosing head developed and patented by ProMinent enables a quick and uncomplicated hose change with a unique change concept, without any tools. The display gives the operator precise instructions on the steps to be taken when changing the hose. This avoids operator errors. In addition, unnecessary costs are saved, as the hose only needs to be replaced during service.

The peristaltic pump is especially suitable for dosing highly outgassing, highly viscous, abrasive, shear-sensitive and chemically aggressive fluids.

The DULCO flex Control is ready for industry 4.0 and can be connected to the web-based fluid management platform DULCOnneX within a few minutes. This cloud-based solution can be used to monitor dosing processes in real time, avoid downtimes and generate fully automatic reports.

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