aquanale 2019: Emergency shut-off system for chlorine gas - Maximum safety

October 2019

A new electrical emergency shut-off system for chlorine gas ensures maximum safety in swimming pools. It automatically closes the chlorine gas source in the event of leaks. PM presents the system at the aquanale 2019 from 05 to 08 November in hall 6.1 on stand H041/G040 in Cologne.

In conjunction with a chlorine gas warning device, the DUCO® Vaq emergency shut-off system ensures automatic and immediate closure of the chlorine gas source. As soon as a leakage occurs, a control unit sends the signal to close the actuators. They are mounted on the chlorine gas valves of each container. They are closed within a few seconds. The electrically operated system is additionally protected against power failure by an uninterruptible power supply. The emergency shut-off system can also be manually triggered by an emergency switch located outside the storage room. After securing the environment and eliminating a possible leakage, the chlorine gas valves must be opened manually. The robust design makes the system virtually maintenance-free.

Safe chlorine gas dosing - retrofittable!

Existing chlorine gas equipment can also be retrofitted without any problems. Assembly and disassembly is carried out without tools and is suitable for almost all valve types for cylinders and barrels. The torque for closing the valves can be individually adjusted to the components used. This ensures a reliable, tight seal of the gas container.

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