Aquatech 2019: New peristaltic metering pump DULCO flex Control DFYa

November 2019

ProMinent will be exhibiting the newly developed peristaltic metering pump DULCO flex Control DFYa for the first time at Aquatech from 5 - 8 Nov. 2019. This peristaltic pump sets completely new standards in metering! It is particularly suitable for dosing outgassing, viscous or shear-sensitive media in the performance range between 5.5 ml/h and 420 l/h and up to 8 bar counterpressure.

Simple service operation

As with the smaller version, the peristaltic pump DFXa, a hose change is also very easy with the DULCO flex Control DFYa. The display provides the operator with step-by-step instructions on how to change the hose. Since the chemical contact takes place exclusively in the hose, a range of different hose materials ensures that even the most diverse chemicals can be dosed without problems.

Intuitive operation

The user interface with its 4 buttons and click wheel ensures intuitive and simple operation. The DFYa is thus part of the rest of ProMinent's product portfolio of intelligent dosing pumps, which all share the same menu structure and user interface.

Full networkability

In addition, the new peristaltic dosing pump is fully networkable, i.e. it can be connected to the DULCOnneX platform specially developed by ProMinent, which makes the pump even smarter.

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