ProMinent at ACHEMA 2015 - Motor Driven Metering Pump Sigma

June 2015

The entire product range of the motor driven metering pump Sigma (control type) already meets the exacting safety standards with its patented multi-layer diaphragm and integrated diaphragm rupture warning system.

Even safer: Thanks to integrated overload cut-off

ProMinent will be demonstrating on Stand J94 in Hall 8 at ACHEMA 2015 that this can even be surpassed: Thanks to a - likewise included as standard - overload shut-down.

The Sigma has an energy consumption control that electronically switches the pump off when it exceeds a defined tolerance range. This guarantees maximum safety for your investment.

The overload switch cuts in at a 30 percent overload, eliminating the need for extra pump protection devices, such as relief valves or manometers; it does not however take the place of rupture protection devices, which still need to be fitted in the system.

The motor driven metering pump Sigma (control type) covers the capacity range from 17 to 1,040 l/h at a pressure of 16 to 4 bar. The new removable operating unit offers additional operating convenience in field applications. Installation and operation is child's play, even in hard-to-access positions.

Motion and speed profiles are recorded as are energy requirements via intelligent software which electronically controls the motor. The software detects the amount of power needed and controls the supply of energy accordingly. This means energy savings of up to 30 percent can be achieved when operated at partial load.

Configurable metering profiles ensure optimum results. Metering is adjusted to the chemical and the particular application. The drive speed can be varied by the integrated frequency converter. This permits intelligent movement control to save energy and support any application perfectly. In this way, for example, the medium can be discharged more evenly with a short suction stroke and long discharge stroke or metering with highly viscous media can be adjusted with a long suction stroke and short discharge stroke. Another feature: The metering pump Sigma can be connected to a superordinate control, yet also function as a standalone solution.

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