ProMinent at ACHEMA 2018 - Successful trade fair

July 2018

“Despite a fall in visitor numbers, it was a very successful event for us,” said Ralf Kiermaier, Vice President Sales and Marketing at ProMinent Group, at the end of ACHEMA 2018.

“More important than sheer numbers was the high quality of the visitors. For example, a large proportion of those who visited our stand were not existing customers. We attracted visitors’ interest with an exciting range of new products and solutions. By choosing to concentrate on DULCOnneX - Extended Connectivity, we also focused attention on digital fluid management.”he completes.

Kiermaier added: “People were especially interested in our virtual reality area.” This area allowed visitors to immerse themselves in the world of metering technology with the help of special goggles. They could explore two different solutions for projects that ProMinent helped to implement, in 3D. One project was a container solution for the treatment of boiler water in a parabolic trough power plant. For the second project, visitors could take a virtual tour of one of ten fully piped metering skids with four integrated process pumps, controllers and an explorable 1000 l container. These metering units reliably prevent corrosion in downstream processes at an oil refinery in Russia.

Live presentations

Another popular feature at the ProMinent stand was the moderated live product presentations. Delivered in both English and German, they allowed visitors to experience ‘metering without limits’ with our innovative linear motor metering pump and an introduction to device networking using the example of our new metering pumps gamma/ XL and Sigma X.

In another live presentation the audience learned how our Controller AEGIS II can be used for the practical treatment of cooling water. In conjunction with coordinated sensors, metering pumps and disinfection systems, it ensures optimum automated operation of the cooling circuit. This saves energy and resources, reduces costs and shrinks the environmental footprint. System operators benefit from the real-time transparency of measured data due to increased process reliability and more efficient process management.

Other exhibits showcased the disinfection of cooling water with the new ozone generation system OZONFILT® OZVb and the chlorine dioxide system CDLb. A DACb controller with new conductivity and oxygen sensors demonstrated the reliable monitoring of a waste water treatment system.

DULCOnneX for digital fluid management

The benefits of networking capability and extended connectivity were demonstrated by the smart properties of our new pumps with DULCOnneX for digital fluid management. For example, the gamma/ XL, the Sigma X and the peristaltic pump DULCO®flex with Sigma Control provide easy monitoring, analysis and optimisation of metering processes. As well as reducing consumption of raw materials, they also avoid operating errors and downtimes. The need for maintenance and on-site repairs is also significantly reduced.

Extended field of applications

Other highlights at the ACHEMA stand included the Orlita® Evolution and Hydro ranges of diaphragm process pumps. Equipped with PVC and PVDF metering units, they meet the requirements of an even greater number of applications. They remove the need for expensive special alloys such as Hastelloy, thus reducing costs – especially in applications involving the metering of aggressive media. Two new plunger metering pumps, the EP1 and EP2, have also joined the Evolution range of diaphragm pumps.

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