ProMinent at Hannover Messe - Metering Pumps Sigma

March 2015

The motor driven metering pump Sigma (control type) really stands out on ProMinent's stand (G43 in hall 15), part of the international PUMPENplatz at Hannover Messe. The product family covers the capacity range from 17 l/h to 1,040 l/h.

Motor driven metering pump Sigma (control type) - Delivered as standard: improved efficiency and optimum metering results

The entire product line of the motor driven metering pump Sigma (control type) is equipped with a detachable operating unit, metering profiles, automatic overpressure cut-off and safety diaphragm as standard. This improves operating convenience, safety and efficiency.

The additional convenience offered by the detachable operating unit is apparent right from installation and commissioning: the pump can be quickly and easily integrated in virtually any specific application.

Energy saving of more than 15 percent

The Sigma records motion and speed profiles in combination with energy demand for the first time. It detects the amount of power needed and controls the supply of energy depending on the prevailing process conditions.

Overall this generates energy savings of over 15% at full load, and savings of up to 30% when operated at partial load compared with conventional pump controls.

Metering profiles for optimum metering results

The pump's metering behaviour can be adapted to the special features of the chemical or application to produce an optimum metering result. In the new product range the drive speed can be varied by an integrated frequency converter, permitting intelligent movement control to save energy and support any application perfectly. In this way, the medium can be discharged more evenly with a short suction stroke and long discharge stroke or metering with highly viscous media can be adjusted with a long suction stroke and short discharge stroke, for example. What's more, Sigma pumps can be connected to a superordinate control, yet also function as a standalone solution.

Internal overload switch for reliable pump protection

The new product range has an energy consumption control that electronically switches the pump off when it exceeds a defined tolerance range, guaranteeing maximum safety for your investment. The overload switch cuts in at a 30 % overload, eliminating the need for extra pump protection devices, such as relief valves or manometers; it does not however take the place of rupture protection devices, which still need to be fitted in the system.

Safety as standard

Motor driven metering pumps Sigma (control type) come with a multi-layer safety diaphragm and integrated diaphragm rupture warning system as standard. The design of the new multi-layer safety diaphragm provides a complete guarantee that feed chemicals remain in the dosing head and cannot leak out at any time in the event of a diaphragm rupture. A diaphragm rupture is indicated by a red LED and an error message on the LC display.

Operating convenience, safety and efficiency

The integrated diaphragm rupture warning system, safety diaphragm and integrated overpressure monitoring of the motor driven metering pump Sigma, control type product range, greatly improve process reliability and protect the environment. At the same time, the metering profiles are adapted to the medium and only meter the chemicals needed, which is better for the environment and cuts chemical costs.

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