ProMinent at drinktec 2017: Efficient dosage and disinfection

September 2017

At the drinktec 2017 in Munich, ProMinent will present its chlorate- and chloride-poor disinfection using membrane electrolysis on booth 316 in Hall B3 as well as its dosing systems specially designed for the beverage and food sector. Another highlight is the new UV system Dulcodes LP F&B designed to comply with Hygienic Design requirements.

The membrane electrolysis process improved by ProMinent produces the highly effective disinfectant DULCO®Lyt 400 on site cost effectively. The special thing about this: DULCO®Lyse produces less than 0.01 ppm of chlorate for one dose of 1 ppm FAC (Free Available Chlorine). This is a significantly lower chlorate content compared to conventional procedures. Further benefit: Minimal chloride levels. Conventional technologies produce more than 20 times as much chloride. Machine parts and equipment are not attacked by the minimal chloride concentration and corrosion is reliably avoided.

Hygienic metering

Ready-wired metering systems DULCODOS® F&B are used to meter cleaning agents, disinfectants and additives, as well as auxiliary agents with ultimate precision. Proven ProMinent solenoid-driven metering pumps gamma/ X and Beta as well as motor-driven metering pumps Sigma can be used, depending on the application. All components which come into contact with the product are made from physiologically harmless materials.

Hygienic disinfection

The new UV system Dulcodes LP F & B disinfects product water in the beverage and food industry. The DVGW-Certified system has been designed to ensure an optimal cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces in contact with the food. Polished surfaces with a surface roughness of less than Ra = 0.8 μm prevent adhesion of the flow-through media

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