ProMinent at interbad 2018

September 2018

At interbad in Stuttgart between 23 - 26 October 2018, ProMinent will be showcasing its energy-saving and environmentally-friendly solutions on Stand B35 in Hall 4. Key exhibits at this year’s trade fair for the pool industry include the controller DULCOMARIN® 3, the electrolysis system CHLORINSITU® IIa, the metering system for chlorine gas DULCO®Vaq and the UV system Dulcodes MP.

Swimming pool water: pure and safe

The measuring and control system DULCOMARIN® 3 is a reliable system for the treatment of swimming pool water. All the information relating to the individual pools and associated control circuits is collated here. It is very simple to operate: just like a smartphone using a 7-inch touch display or any other internet-compatible device. Its design and commissioning is just as simple using the integrated start-up wizard. The circulation capacity of the pumps adapts to the water quality in Eco operating mode. Chemicals are metered precisely according to demand based on measured values, reducing ongoing energy costs and saving chemicals.

Long lifetime

The compact electrolysis system CHLORINSITU® IIa produces low-chlorate highly concentrated hypochlorite solution. Ideal for all sector where reliable water disinfection needs to be provided with minimal effort and cost. Its unique feature is its proven electrolysis cell. With a warranty extended to up to 5 years, the Heidelberg-based manufacturer is thereby underlining the long service life of the cell.

Maximum safety

The recently developed vacuum metering system DULCO®Vaq for chlorine gas is safe and economical. An innovative emergency shut-off system also increases its already high level of safety. Future applications are possible by BUS actuation of the motorised control valve.

Breakdown of chloramines without chemicals

The UV system Dulcodes MP uses short-wave UV radiation to minimise the undesirable by-products of swimming pool water (chloramines). The system is suitable for a flow of up to 569 m3/h. Compared to its predecessor, it has more functions, works almost maintenance-free and is significantly more compact. The UV system can be easily integrated into existing pipework and, due to its analogue and digital interfaces, it can be easily integrated into higher-level control technology.

Networked: optimum system control

With Dulconnex, an intelligent solution for digital fluid management, the Heidelberg-based manufacturer has succeeded in digitally linking all components of the system for swimming pool water treatment – metering pumps, controllers and sensors. All the required information is available for optimum system control, ensuring fault-free processes at all times.

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