Winner of the Dokupreis

November 2016

On 8 November 2016, the Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation – tekom Deutschland e.V* - recognised the best user and operating instructions with the renowned Dokupreis award. This year the professional body also gave Heidelberg-based manufacturer ProMinent a coveted tekom Dokupreis for its very easy-to-use instructions. The company's assembly and operating instructions for the barrel pump DULCO®Trans 25/700 PVDF were assessed and received a grade of 1.9.

An inspection by an independent team of experts lasting several months preceded the award. The expert jury assessed the didactic and technical design in line with various quality criteria to produce an report, incorporating the assessment of various criteria. For example, assessment of the specific descriptions, visualisation with corresponding illustrations, consistent structuring and how the instructions are matched to the product.

Holger Lahr, head of the technical editorial department at ProMinent, was proud to receive the award: "We are delighted with this outstanding assessment. We are analysing the reports and can always improve on all new operating instructions." He added: "This is how we ensure that the concept, on which our operating instructions are based, complies with national and international standards. And it is hugely important because our instructions are translated into over 28 languages."

*Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation – tekom Deutschland e.V. is the largest professional body for technical communication in Europe. It sees itself as a platform for sharing information and experiences, promotes training and development and the professionalisation of its members.

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