Swimming pool water treatment with ProMinent: precise, digital and simple

June 2024

The AQWA Pool and Sauna Park in Walldorf, Germany, uses measuring and control technology from ProMinent. The full-service provider of water treatment technology has fitted all the pools at the pool and sauna complex in Walldorf with all the components needed to correct pH, chlorine and ORP values.

All pools at a glance – swimming pool water treatment with ProMinent: precise, digital and simple

Being able to provide perfect water quality levels in swimming pools that are very busy can be a challenge. However, full compliance with all prescribed setpoints, such as combined chlorine or chlorate, must be ensured at all times. The AQWA Pool and Sauna Park in Walldorf therefore uses measuring and control technology from ProMinent. The full-service provider of water treatment technology has fitted the six pools at the pool and sauna complex in Walldorf with all the components needed to correct pH, chlorine and ORP values. The products have impressed the operators with their high-precision and reliable measuring and metering technology, great ease of use, the fact that they require little maintenance and their good value for money.

The level of water quality in the swimming pools is affected by the constant addition of contaminants from bathers. By simply spending time in the water, bathers add dirt to the pools in the form of oil or ammonia and germs. So there are many interference variables affecting the chlorine concentration as well as the pH and ORP value. In order to keep the water in the pools pure despite this, a permanent system of flow and circulation is maintained.

Any water which overflows passes through a channel into the surge water tank where it subsequently goes through several stages of treatment: sand filtration, absorption, UV radiation, the addition of disinfectant and pH adjustment. These steps ensure that the pool water satisfies certain guideline values at all times, in particular the DIN values stipulated in DIN 19643, which serve as the basis of the German Infection Protection Act.

In order to manage seven circuits (six pools plus a backflushing tank) the AQWA Pool and Sauna Park in Walldorf wanted a reliable and precise solution to measure the relevant values and accurately meter the free chlorine. The system also needed to be low-maintenance and durable.

Measuring and metering with precision

The optimum solution for operating the seven pool circuits at the AQWA water park was to install ProMinent’s DULCOMARIN 3. The measuring and control system is equipped with the appropriate sensors for the pH, chlorine and ORP parameters and also includes one particular benefit for swimming pools with more than one pool circuit: in the Global Unit design, the system comes as one central device rather than lots of individual devices. All information relating to the individual pools and associated control circuits is collated in the DULCOMARIN 3. The Global Unit can map up to 16 filter circuits. For the connected circuits, the system accesses modules, which simply transfer the measurement data and control outputs. “As a result of this modular construction, there is no need to run several similar systems in parallel,” explains Lars Albrecht from External Sales for Swimming Pools, Drinking Water and Waste Water at ProMinent Germany. As well as being very well laid out, this means that the system is also good value for money.

“In terms of precision and reliability, I’ve always been impressed by ProMinent products. They help us to reliably observe stringent hygiene requirements for our pools at all times,” reports Stefan Gottschalk, Department Manager for the AQWA Pool and Sauna Park at Walldorf public utilities. Lars Albrecht stresses: “Our devices and systems are able to measure and regulate all the required values and substances without exception and to do so with the best precision and consistency you’ll find in the industry. There is no need to be continually readjusting.” ProMinent uses a diaphragm-covered measuring principle to measure chlorine. The anode and cathode are protected by a diaphragm and an electrolyte serving as the transfer fluid. “As a result, the anode doesn't wear as quickly as it does with other devices and delivers better measurement results,” explains Albrecht.

Easy to operate and read

The DULCOMARIN 3 opens up a new dimension in terms of ease of use, for example, the simple way in which the sensors are calibrated and the video tutorial provided to assist with this task. The system is operated using a large 7” touch display. The device can be controlled via mobile end devices for greater convenience, more security and remote operation. The operator can therefore see instantly whether the chlorine content is dropping suddenly because a pump has failed or a pipe is blocked, for example. The Walldorf-based complex uses the DULCOMARIN 3 via a web browser and reads the values from the comfort of a PC meaning that no-one has to enter the basement plant room to check the values. “There is also the option of saving e-mail addresses in the device. A report containing the current values can then be automatically sent to these addresses three times a day,” adds Albrecht. What’s more, the interfaces of the DULCOMARIN 3 are even more versatile and it can be used in both Wi-Fi and LAN systems.

Cost-effective and efficient control

“We can now meter the chemicals we use in our pool water ideally in terms of cost effectiveness and efficiency. That helps us with environmental protection too, which is very important to us. And since the devices last longer, we are also conserving resources,” adds Stefan Gottschalk.

In Eco!Mode, an energy-saving operating mode, the circulation capacity of the pumps adapts to the water quality. The DIN hygiene parameters measured are pH, ORP, free and combined chlorine. Chemicals are then metered precisely according to demand based on the measured values. A timer can also be set up with the relevant values, such as night setback, in up to 24 zones. When the system is running without anyone in the pools, the output can be lowered to minimum flow, reducing ongoing energy costs and saving chemicals.

Easy to upgrade from DULCOMARIN 2 to 3

“The previous model, DULCOMARIN 2, can be easily upgraded to DULCOMARIN 3 in just two hours and while the pools are still running. This can be done because as the central device, only the DULCOMARIN 3 has to be replaced; all the other pool circuits can remain as they are. The costs for the upgrade are very manageable too,” emphasises Lars Albrecht.

Another ProMinent product is used in the children's pool and whirlpool: the DULCODES UVC disinfection system ensures reliable secondary disinfection and the photochemical degradation of combined chlorine in the pool water. The UV radiation used is a safe, chemical-free and reliable method of disinfection in modern water treatment.

Key data

  • Swimming pool water treatment in the AQWA Pool and Sauna Park in Walldorf, a complex with an indoor pool, outdoor pool, swimming lake and saunas
  • Management of seven circuits (six pools plus a backflushing tank) with the measuring and control system DULCOMARIN 3
  • Precise solution for measuring the relevant values and for accurately metering the free chlorine
  • Use of two DULCODES UVC disinfection systems for secondary disinfection and the efficient photochemical degradation of combined chlorine in the pool water
  • Reduced operating costs thanks to the fact that the customised complete solutions are easy to install and operate and require little maintenance

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