Heidelberg technology to prevent water pollution

December 2022

ProMinent ensures clean drinking water with modern metering technology.

Large-scale chlorination plant in Israel

Heidelberg technology to prevent water pollution

In order to prevent water pollution in northern Israel, ProMinent has delivered urgently needed metering technology there.

To protect surface water from contamination, a large chlorination plant was set up to disinfect water in the region for agricultural irrigation. Surface water is water that is open and unbound on the earth's surface. This includes lakes, rivers and e.g. rain puddle water. The Heidelberg pump manufacturer ProMinent produced and supplied four diaphragm metering pumps for this purpose.

The new metering pumps had to be installed in a short time as part of the chlorination system. ProMinent produced and delivered the necessary high-performance pumps within three weeks. "We are pleased that we were able to deliver the urgently needed pumps so quickly," says Andreas Zühlcke, Vice President Product Management and Marketing. Four MAKRO TZMb diaphragm metering pumps, each with two metering heads and special motors for wide-range frequency control, are now in use to disinfect up to 18,000 cubic metres of water per hour.

For optimal treatment, the disinfection solution is metered into the water pipes via ProMinent metering pumps. The entire disinfection process is permanently monitored by online measuring systems.

ProMinent specialises in safe solutions for water treatment and disinfection. With modern metering technology, the company ensures clean drinking water according to WHO standards worldwide.

The planning and construction of the chlorination plant was carried out in a short time by the Israeli partner Treitel Chemical Engineering. Treitel's team of engineers and technicians was on site around the clock to manage this project.

ProMinent and Treitel Chemical Engineering have been close partners for over 40 years and enjoy a high level of acceptance in the Israeli water and wastewater market in the industrial, municipal and infrastructure sectors due to their advanced technologies and reliable solutions.

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