The easy way to manage chemicals - New radar sensor for level measurement

March 2023

ProMinent has launched DULCOLEVEL, a new radar level sensor, which provides continuous information on tank liquid levels.

New radar sensor for level measurement

The easy way to manage chemicals

Digital fluid management from a single source

ProMinent has launched DULCOLEVEL , a new radar level sensor, which provides continuous information on tank liquid levels. This ensures tanks can be refilled on time without any process interruption and makes chemical inventory management remarkably straightforward.

ProMinent is taking the next step towards holistic, digital fluid management with the launch of DULCOLEVEL, an IIoT-compatible radar level sensor . In parallel to this, a specific Inventory Management module has been added to DULCONNEX , the cloud platform that has proven its worth for several years. Thanks to both innovations, operators of water and wastewater technology as well as chemical distributors and service providers in the disinfection sector can now obtain a complete digital fluid management system from a single source. All the products required, from the sensor and pump to the measuring and control technology, are perfectly matched and networked in next to no time.

In practice, this allows any number of sites with pump installations to be monitored, operated and supplied remotely in real time via the cloud platform. Liquid levels, pump outputs and consumption is automatically available, along with complete reports. At the same time, smartphone alerts provide early warning of low levels or potential system downtimes.

DULCOLEVEL can be seamlessly integrated into existing metering systems. The new sensor is mounted on or above the chemical tank and can be configured intuitively and conveniently via smartphone using a free app. The app and sensor recognise each other automatically and pair via Bluetooth once a PIN is entered. As no additional wiring is required, retrofitting in existing applications is both straightforward and inexpensive.

The new radar level sensor also increases workplace safety. Contact with hazardous media is avoided, via contact-free measurement, while the smartphone app eliminates the need to touch the sensor during configuration.

Flexible connecting options

Depending on the specific site conditions, the radar level sensor can be integrated into existing liquid level applications in three different ways:

  • The radar sensor can be connected to a programmable logic controller (PLC) in the usual way via a 0/4-20 mA interface.
  • Alternatively, the sensor can communicate with standard process control systems via the pump by means of a Profibus, Modbus or Profinet interface.
  • All data from the radar level sensor can be accessed worldwide via the IIoT platform. All compliance standards are therefore met and a 24/7 media consumption report is continuously generated.

The data can be conveniently accessed remotely via mobile phone thanks to the app, which is free to download from the Google and Apple app stores.

Connecting the sensor is particularly easy with a tank and metering pump from ProMinent. The measuring range covers volumes of 30 to 1500 litres for ProMinent tanks, or indeed for any tank of up to 15 metres in height, with an accuracy of ±5 mm.

For further information, see here: Radar Level Sensor DULCOLEVEL - ProMinent

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