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Brilliant ideas, technical innovations on the one hand and pioneering spirit combined with passion on the other. The commitment to want to change something in the world with leading technology has made us established experts in metering technology and water treatment, worldwide.

Headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, our company does not simply see itself as a supplier of metering pumps, but much more as an integral solutions provider. According to the motto "Ready for you", customers are supported with our comprehensive expertise and service.

When Prof. Dr. h. c. Viktor Dulger founded the company in 1960 in Heidelberg, he was keen to discover technical ways of producing and recovering potable water. Originally called "Chemie & Filter GmbH", the company initially manufactured products for metering phosphate and water filters. In 1968 the first electronic solenoid metering pump, developed by Professor Dulger, marked a turning point. The "ProMinent electronics" model helped the as-yet small company to break onto the market by allowing chemical savings to be made in numerous processes for the first time. It later gave its name to the company.

Innovation from tradition

We continued to blaze a pioneering trail in Heidelberg over the next few decades. ProMinent gradually moved into water disinfection with ozone generation or reverse osmosis systems. Measuring and control technology was added to the range before sensors completed the control circuit, to measure chlorine for example. At the same time, our company was growing. By 1976 we had a production site in the USA and 1980 saw our first branch in Singapore – many more followed. Extensive expertise was acquired in the new millennium in the form of Tomal, a Swedish specialist in metering systems for dry products and polymer batching stations, and the Dutch manufacturer of chlorine electrolysis systems Van den Heuvel.

Under the guidance of Dr. Rainer Dulger and Prof. Dr. Andreas Dulger, the sons of the founder, we are now a manufacturer of metering technology with a very high level of vertical integration and a reliable solutions partner for water treatment. We work with our customers to find solutions that combine metering and water treatment components, systems and technologies with as much efficiency and focus on applications as possible. At the same time, environmental protection and sustainability are of paramount importance to us.

Water treatment and water disinfection: Fit for the 21st century

For water disinfection – one of the major challenges of the 21st century - we represent an all-round supplier. As a result, we focus not only on drinking water disinfection, but also on the disinfection of process water and product water in industrial applications, cooling water and swimming pool water. We find targeted solutions for every sector and every problem.

The range of procedures involves stretches from chlorine dioxide and ozone, UV light and electrolysis to ultrafiltration. Several disinfection technologies can also be combined, delivering to our customers innovative, non-technology-dependent systems that combine safety and low environmental impact with efficiency and sustainability coupled with reduced operating costs and therefore greater cost-effectiveness.

ProMinent added-value service

Such a well refined portfolio needs a service to support customers with the application. At ProMinent, this kind of service ranges from an expert support hotline to technical advice from experienced application experts. Our consultants help with system planning, the application-specific configuration of pumps and complete solutions. We offer a local service to customers all around the globe. The commitment to want to change something in the world with leading technology simply stands out for us until today.

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