ProMinent at BrauBeviale 2015: Metering Pump detect hydraulic faults without sensors

October 2015

At Brau Beviale 2015 ProMinent presents its new metering pump for metering between 1 ml/h and 45 l/h at a back pressure of 25 bar to 2 bar: The solenoid driven metering pump gamma/ X. In particular it offers a precise, low-wear solenoid drive, predictive control technology and intuitive operation. Unlike conventional technologies, the gamma/ X does not need interference-resistant components to measure pressure or detect hydraulic faults.

The metering pump gamma/ X is the first metering pump in its class to be driven by a cleverly controlled solenoid and independently ensures a smooth metering process at any time. The stroke length can be electronically set at between 0 and 100%.

Its innovative solenoid control detects pressure variations, automatically adjusts its metering behaviour to the prevailing conditions and protects the system against overpressure without the use of additional sensors. Automatic bleeding optimises the metering result when metering is affected by gas bubbles produced by gaseous media.

Easy operation

Parameters can be quickly adjusted using the newly developed Click Wheel. Four keys ensure fast access without the need for laborious scrolling through the various operating layers, ensuring intuitive operation and programming of the new metering pump gamma/ X . The three-level LED status display on the front of the device is easy to read from a distance and all angles and thereby clearly indicates the prevailing operating status.

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