• Hotels and Resorts

    Check in for the best water quality

    Your objective: Satisfied guests and optimum utilisation. Our contribution: Crystal-clear pool water and hygienically pure potable water. We supply efficient all-inclusive solutions for any size of hotel and any specific requirement - worldwide.

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  • Beverage Industry

    Metering and disinfection for the beverage industry

    Disinfection processes are essential for smooth, hygienic operations. ProMinent offers solutions suitable for the entire production and bottling section. And the good news is that this investment pays off in no time.

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  • Mining

    Robust transport and metering solutions for mining

    Our applications are not sensitive to chemicals, dust or heat and also work smoothly underground. Chemicals are always metered correctly and the process runs reliably.

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  • Chemical Industry

    Precision with fluids in the chemical industry

    ProMinent metering systems guarantee precision in chemical process engineering. They reliably meter even the most difficult of fluids, thus increasing the quality of your products.

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  • Outstanding technology delivers outstanding potable water

    High-tech comes to the Sauerland region: To supply potable water, Stadtwerke Sundern uses state-of-the-art technology. When the time came to modernise their three waterworks, the first-class quality of ProMinent's products and systems was the deciding factor.

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  • Solenoid Driven Metering Pump gamma/ X

    gamma/ X – the proven best-seller intelligently extended

    The solenoid diaphragm metering pump gamma incorporates a wealth of eXcellent ingenuity! With integrated pressure measurement, it ensures the smooth running of your metering process. The gamma/X is ideal for all metering work involving liquid media.

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  • Brewing beer successfully in Brazil

    Equipped with state-of-the-art technology from the home of the world champions, two new breweries have been in operation in north-eastern Brazil since 2014. Krones AG supplied both with complete systems including ProMinent storage and metering technology for chemicals.

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  • Pool fun north of the Arctic Circle

    Refurbishing the water treatment system of a public swimming pool? Not an unusual job. The location of the customer? A small Norwegian island in the Norwegian Sea. The result: clean pool water for modern island dwellers with true Viking blood.

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  • A good solution to sticky problems: two-component adhesive

    The ProMinent plant in Malta has shown how useful it is to have the expertise you need in-house. The plant needed to find a way to precisely meter two adhesive components with very different properties.

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  • Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump Orlita® Evolution 3

    Maximum process reliability and flexibility.

    The Orlita® Evolution 3 meets the highest safety requirements as an extremely robust hydraulic diaphragm metering pump. It stands out, thanks to its PTFE multi-layer diaphragm with integral diaphragm rupture warning system and unique diaphragm position control.

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  • Ready for you – Passionate Pioneers

    ProMinent – The experts for metering technology and water treatment

    Brilliant ideas, technical innovations on the one hand and pioneering spirit combined with passion on the other. The commitment to want to change something in the world with leading technology has made us established experts in metering technology and water treatment, worldwide.

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