• ProMinent Group celebrates 60th company anniversary this year

    When Prof. Dr. Viktor Dulger dared to take the step into independence in 1960, no one could have guessed what would come of it. From the foundations built 60 years ago, the ProMinent Group has developed into one of the world's leading manufacturers in the field of dosing technology and water disinfection.

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  • Fake e-mails in circulation

    We would like to inform you that in the last few days we have unfortunately noticed that unknown third parties sent an increasing number of emails that look as they would originate from ProMinent.

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  • ProMinent electrolysis system generates disinfectant against COVID-19

    The effective disinfection of surfaces plays the central role in the containment of the corona virus. With our electrolysis systems, the highly effective disinfectant can be produced directly on site. The North Italian civil defence is already benefiting from this.

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  • The DULCO flex Control product range - versatile and clever.

    The new DULCO flex Control DFXa and DFYa bring the advantages of intelligent diaphragm metering pumps and advanced peristaltic pumps together. They are characterised by precise metering, great durability and the fact that the hose is very easy to replace

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  • Metering and drainage station DULCODOS® SAFE-IBC

    Conveniently and reliably meter liquid chemicals with our metering and drainage station

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  • DULCOnneX Extended Connectivity

    Our DULCOnneX products come with a range of features that are designed to allow digital fluid management.

    They minimize chemical consumption, ensure safe operation and avoid unnecessary downtimes.

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  • Ready for you – Passionate Pioneers

    Brilliant ideas, technical innovations on the one hand and pioneering spirit combined with passion on the other. The commitment to want to change something in the world with leading technology has made us established experts in metering technology and water treatment, worldwide.

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