Diaphragm Metering Pumps

Not just sealed, hermetically sealed!

The hermetically sealed metering units and resistant materials of ProMinent diaphragm process metering pumps enable them to pump aggressive media with ease. But that’s not all because maintenance-free and fault-free operation also depends on the quality of the diaphragm, which is why ProMinent always ensures that its products are equipped with extremely durable diaphragms.

Tried-and-tested combination

Strong diaphragms, sealed metering units and resistant materials make just the right combination in oil/gas production (onshore/offshore), refineries, and the chemical / petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food production industries. We recommend special ProMinent metering pumps for the process industry.

Practical benefits

The micrometre adjustment dial for the stroke length guarantees precise adjustments and high reproducibility. Compensation means that the pump is operated reliably even during fluctuations in mains voltage. Different control types make easy process integration possible. The dosing head is self-bleeding, which also makes it suitable for outgassing media.

Keep moving

ProMinent always holds a wide range of pump accessories in stock. Our principle is that ProMinent pumps can be extended, are flexibly adaptable and modular. The pump should fit your requirements, not the other way round.

Pump Guide

The choice of pumps is huge: 80 industries, 100,000 products and infinite applications. To make it easy to find your ideal metering pump, ProMinent designed the Pump Guide. In just a few clicks you will find a selection of suitable models.

Here’s how it works

First enter the pump capacity and back pressure. The Pump Guide will then show you all the metering pumps that match your criteria. You can choose between list view and detail view. The database contains all solenoid metering pumps, motor-driven metering pumps, process metering pumps and peristaltic pumps from ProMinent. They are divided into more than 30 different product ranges.

Exactly the right pump

Narrow down your search by clicking on different selection criteria. Do you have a specific industry, operating mode, medium or viscosity in mind? Or maybe you need a pump for zones at risk of explosion? The Pump Guide will take you to the pump you need in just a few clicks.


Diaphragm Metering Pump ProMinent EXTRONIC

Capacity range of single head pump: 1 – 60 l/h; 25 – 1 bar

The diaphragm metering pump EXTRONIC is perfectly suited to the sensitive application of liquid media in facilities at risk of gas explosions as it is approved in compliance with the EU EX Regulation 2014/34/EU (ATEX). more

Your benefits

Optimum adaptation for use in areas at risk from explosion

  • ATEX-compliant in line with EExd IIC T6 and EExd I/IIC T6
  • Excellent operating and functional reliability by a microprocessor controller, which compensates for fluctuations in mains voltage and automatically switches from 50 to 60 Hz operation
  • Broad range of applications due to operating voltages of 230 V, 115 V, special voltage on request
  • Ease of integration into processes, thanks to the range of control types (internal, external contact, analogue)
  • Also suitable for use with gaseous media, thanks to the self-bleeding head

Diaphragm metering pump Makro TZ

Capacity range of single head pump: 260 – 2,100 l/h, 12 – 4 bar

The modular construction of the diaphragm metering pump MAKRO TZMb with adjustable eccentric drive mechanism and mechanically deflected multi-layer safety diaphragm enables it to be outstandingly adapted to the performance requirements of the respective application. more

Your benefits

Excellent process safety and reliability:

  • Patented multi-layer safety diaphragm with integral diaphragm rupture warning system
  • Metering reproducibility is better than ± 2% within the 30 – 100% stroke length range under defined conditions and with correct installation

Excellent flexibility:

  • The modular construction with single and double-head versions permits a wide range of applications, with the double-head designs being operated in push-pull mode
  • It is possible to combine up to 4 metering units, even with different pump capacities, in multiple pump systems
  • 5 different gear ratios are available
  • Customised designs are available on request

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