UV Systems

Gentle on people and the environment

UV radiation is a safe, chemical-free and reliable method of disinfection in modern water treatment. ProMinent Dulcodes® UV systems exploit the safety and reliability of UV disinfection in a wide range of applications. Scientific research and the many systems successfully in operation prove that UV is ideally suited to water disinfection.

Our hero: UV-C radiation

No one wants germs - and UV-C radiation in particular, with a wavelength ranging from 240 to 280 nm, attacks the vital DNA of the bacteria directly. The bacteria lose their reproduction capability and are destroyed. Even parasites, like Cryptosporidia or Giardia, which are extremely resistant to chemical disinfectants, are efficiently reduced.

Not just for potable water

Photochemical reactions triggered by UV are used in other ProMinent applications too. The undesirable presence of combined chlorine in swimming pool water is reduced by UV radiation, achieving significant savings in fresh water. Oxidants, such as ozone, chlorine or chlorine dioxide, are reliably reduced in the production water used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, eliminating the need for expensive active carbon filters.

The advantages of UV treatment

Immediate and safe disinfection without the addition of chemicals. This results in highly effective disinfection regardless of the pH value. No undesirable substances are formed. The odour and taste of the water are not impaired. There is no need to store and handle chemicals. No reaction vessel or reaction tanks are required. A ProMinent UV system takes up very little space and keeps investment and operating costs low while delivering exceptional reliability and performance.

Our best: the Dulcodes UV disinfection systems

  • Uniform radiation of the entire water flow thanks to optimised system hydraulics with flow-optimised inlet zone
  • Use of UV lamps with a long lamp lifetime and high UV-C output
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • System controller with comprehensive monitoring and reporting functions
  • Display of all important operating parameters and reporting of faults in plain text
  • Trend display of the variation of the UV sensor signal over time
  • Analogue output sensor signal and fault indicating relay
  • Use of modern electronic ballasts with bus technology for lamp-friendly ignition and operation
  • Individual lamp monitoring
  • Direct control of automatic shut-off and flushing valves

Which type are you? This overview shows the performance and typical applications of ProMinent UV standard systems. Need more details? Don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!



UV System Dulcodes A

Flow up to 739 m3/h

The UV system Dulcodes A helps to ensure water quality. The UV system works energy-efficiently and cleanly based on continuously variable medium pressure lamps and can therefore automatically compensate for variations in the water quality or level of contamination. more

Your benefits

  • Simple installation, thanks to the compact inline system, ensures minimal installation work and fast retrofitting
  • Maximum flexibility when installing, thanks to the free choice of fitting position and direct installation in plastic pipes, as no UV radiation escapes from the reactor
  • External power control via 0/4 - 20 mA standard signal for optimum adaptation of the system to changing operating conditions, such as flow fluctuations
  • Automatic adjustment of the lamp output to a defined UV-C sensor signal with power increase to a raised, adjustable sensor signal via a digital input saves energy and extends the lamp service life.
  • Unbeatable simple and quick maintenance: All maintenance work can be carried out quickly and conveniently from one side.
  • Certified systems: NSF 50, CSA 22, UL508, comprehensively biodosimetrically validated to UVDGM 2006

UV System Dulcodes LP-PE Plastic

Flow up to 250 m3/h

Disinfection of saline sea water or thermal water without corrosion problems with the UV system Dulcodes LP-PE Plastic. The UV system consists of a reactor and a UV sensor made of highly UV-resistant plastic. more

Your benefits

  • Reactor made of UV-stabilised high-density HD-PE, absolutely corrosion-free and temperature stable.
  • Long-term salt water-resistant UVC sensor for monitoring the disinfection capacity, contamination of the lamp protection tubes, lamp ageing and water transmission.
  • Highly efficient Opti Flux 290 W lamps provide maximum disinfection and flow rate with a minimum number of lamps.
  • Ballasts with BUS interface for the gentle ignition and operation of the lamps
  • The replacement of lamps is reduced to the absolute minimum.
  • Low maintenance costs and low follow-on costs, as there are fewer, high-performance lamps featuring amalgam technology with an excellent service life of up to 14,000 hours.

UV System Dulcodes LP

Flow up to 523 m³/h

The unique UV systems Dulcodes LP are synonymous with pioneering water treatment – efficient and free of chemicals. more

Your benefits

  • UV system Dulcodes LP for a broad field of application for efficient, safe and chemical-free water disinfection
  • Unique dynamic lamp heating adjusts the lamp output in seconds and provides for optimum disinfection even with rapidly varying flows and water temperatures.
  • Homogeneous UV dose, thanks to optimised flow behaviour in the reactor, guarantees maximum flow output with a minimum number of lamps and minimum pressure loss
  • Reduced life cycle costs due to the long service life of Vario-Flux high-output lamps with low energy consumption and high UV output
  • High flexibility thanks to vertical or horizontal installation
  • User-friendly and intuitive control for the display of operating statuses and adjustment of operating parameters

UV System Dulcodes MP

Flow up to 569 m3/h

The UV system Dulcodes MP for water treatment and disinfection in swimming pools. Combined chlorine is broken down and the typical swimming pool odour is eliminated: no more irritation for eyes, nose and skin. A manual stage switch permits adaptation to the required capacity requirement. more

Your benefits

  • Simple installation, thanks to the compact inline system, ensures minimum installation costs and fast retrofitting.
  • Maximum flexibility when installing, thanks to free choice of the fitting position and direct installation in plastic pipes, as no UV radiation escapes from the reactor.
  • Automatic switching on and off based on the chloramine value, for example used in conjunction with the DULCOMARIN® II.
  • Unbeatably simple and quick maintenance: all maintenance work can be carried out quickly and conveniently from one side.
  • Manual power control for optimum adaptation of the system to the respective capacity requirement (not for Dulcodes 1 x 0.65MP and 1MP).
  • Manual or automatic wiper system for the efficient removal of deposits on the lamp protection tube. The wiper system can be easily retrofitted.

UV System Dulcodes Z

Flow up to 230 m3/h

UV system Dulcodes Z for potable water treatment. Chemical-free disinfection, which conforms to all internationally established DVGW, ÖVGW and UVDGM standards. High-performance and energy-efficient high-output lamps. more

Your benefits

  • DVGW and ÖVGW-certified, EPA and UVDGM-compliant
  • Flexible use over a wide transmission and flow range by extended DVGW characteristic line certification.
  • Minimum use of resources at maximum flow, thanks to uniform irradiation and homogeneous UV dosage with optimised flow guidance.
  • DVGW-compliant, long-term stable UVC sensor for monitoring the disinfection capacity, contamination of the lamp protection tubes, lamp ageing and water transmission.
  • Increased output with fewer lamps.
  • Energy-efficient high-performance Opti-Flux 300 W lamps permit greater flow per lamp.

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