100 years in the service of wildlife – Taronga Zoo in Sydney

Taronga Zoo in Sydney celebrates its centenary in 2016. Its most popular attractions include the lively inhabitants of its many salt water tanks. ProMinent technology guarantees the very best quality of water and thus also optimum living conditions.

Water quality as a success factor

With its numerous attractions, the city of Sydney on the east coast of Australia is a magnet for visitors from at home and abroad. One of them is Taronga Zoo, which opened in 1916. Visitors to the huge site can observe over 4,000 animals and over 350 species – with a breathtaking view over the harbour of Australia's largest city.

Several years ago, the "Great Southern Oceans" marine section was equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that visitors' views of seals, sea leopards and penguins, otherwise hidden in the depths of the oceans, always remain unobstructed. The operator opted for a solution using ozone for efficient water disinfection in the five sea water tanks and one fresh water pool. The concentrations of ozone used are completely harmless to the animals. Ozone also reliably eliminates pollutants and organic substances, making a significant contribution to the prevention of disease.

Key data

  • Disinfection of a total of 2,500 m3 salt water and fresh water in several zoo tanks using ozone systems
  • Elimination of pollutants and prevention of disease are important factors
  • Central monitoring and control of the entire technology

Intelligent control technology

Each pool is equipped with a measuring and control system DULCOMARIN® II for central control of all the system technology. All operating situations can be called up and displayed in real time by connecting all components via a web server. There are three ozone generation systems of the OZONFILT® OZVa type and four ozone generators from the BONa product range in total. OZONFILT® OZVa are pressurised systems in which the operating gas is fed into the ozone generator under pressure. In Taronga Zoo, the ozone is generated from the oxygen in the ambient air and simultaneously metered in very small quantities, harmless to the marine mammals. All these systems are compact and easy to operate and offer maximum operational safety. The programmable processor controller constantly controls all processes in the pools and immediately reports a fault should any irregularities arise.

Sophisticated plant engineering and precise control

Taronga Zoo is delighted with the benefits of this proven technology and precise control: healthy animals swimming in clear water and satisfied visitors who can experience an unforgettable walk on the wild side.

  • Effective disease prevention through optimum water disinfection using ozone generation systems OZONFILT® OZVa
  • Central control and monitoring of all salt water tanks with measuring and control system DULCOMARIN ® II
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Maximum operating safety through reliable system technology and intelligent control

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