Assembly of fibre-tip pens: everything is so beautifully coloured here!

Highlighters, whiteboard markers, permanent markers – fibre-tip pens can be found in every office and on almost every desk. Filling them with minute quantities of ink is a challenge that was easily met with ProMinent technology.

Assembly as precision work with the smallest of quantities

There are large and small marker pens with large and small tanks. So a machine that is able to fill these pens in all their varieties needs to be very flexible because the quantity of the ink to be metered as well as the time available for the filling are different every time. It is also important that there is coordination between the assembly system and the metering pump, because the ink can only flow when the pen or the tank is directly underneath the filling nozzle. On top of this, the filling is done via a pump stroke. All of these requirements had to be taken into consideration by the Swabian plant manufacturer Hutt when it received the order for such an assembly system.

Key figures

  • Filling of fibre-tip pens of different varieties and capacities with ink
  • Depending on the pen type, ink quantities from 0.2 - 4 ml per pen and stroke
  • Requirements: precise and quick metering, fast pump response time
  • Adjustable according to need and consistently reliable metering with the solenoid driven metering pump delta®

Flexible, precise, quick to respond – anything else?

Hutt opted for the solenoid driven metering pump delta® from ProMinent because this pump offers the perfect combination of precise metering and flexibility. Particularly practical: metering speed and quantity can be adjusted at the pump, even when during operation. The delta® is also particularly quick to respond and begins metering within 40 - 60 milliseconds of activation of the device. This leaves more time for the actual metering. Because it has been constructed as a diaphragm metering pump, the delta® is particularly robust; something which is of particular advantage to the filling of black pens: their inks often contain abrasive soot particles, which can damage the internal workings of other types of pumps. So the delta® can guarantee a colourful desk for a long time to come.

Wear-free filling with complete flexibility

  • Flexibility in production with simple and convenient adjustment of the metered quantities
  • Quick and precise metering at the right time
  • Reliable agreement with the system speed: Wear-free production process with automatic filling
  • Long service life thanks to robust construction as a diaphragm pump

»The pumps are easy to use, feature various setting options and are great value for money.« -  Ulrich Betsch, head of assembly at Hutt, the system manufacturer

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