A treat for sore eyes: surface coating for professionals

Would you like another coffee? While you're waiting for your flavoursome kick of caffeine to be prepared, take a look at the faultless, elegantly matt black surface of the coffee machine. How do you produce something which looks that good?

Modern surface coating instead of painting a dark picture

Surface coating is performed with galvanic methods: two electrodes made of different materials are immersed in an electrically conductive liquid. Once there is DC voltage, a current flows through the liquid from the positive to the negative pole. The flow of current transports material that can be used for homogeneous dye application. Depending on the method used, the work piece itself can be one of the electrodes and thus receive a fully homogeneous dye application. However, in the case of the coffee machine it's not exactly cheap because the black surface is expensive and must therefore be metered with great accuracy. It also has a very low viscosity, making it liquid and hampering accurate metering. But this problem is one that can be solved.

Key figures

  • Galvanic surface coating with expensive, difficult-to-meter dyes
  • Flow meter DulcoFlow®
  • Solenoid driven metering pump gamma/ L
  • Precise process control ensures quality and lowers costs

Minimal cause, maximum effect – everything regulated!

But the manufacturer found a highly satisfactory solution in ProMinent technology: a control circuit is produced by a solenoid driven metering pump gamma/ L being coupled with the flow meter DulcoFlow®. The DulcoFlow® uses ultrasound to permanently measure the actual flow rate and immediately prompts any adjustment required, even in the event of minute deviations – and this means it is very precise. This set-up ensures high quality and also saves money in several areas: Even the smallest of improvements to dosing precision greatly reduces the amount of expensive dye suspension needed. The reproducible quality also reduces the amount of intensive quality assurance work required, cutting manufacturing costs overall.

In the black with black dyes

High-performance control circuit for permanent monitoring and adjustment of the flow rate

  • Even dye application of the highest quality
  • Minimal dye consumption lowers costs and reduces the environmental footprint
  • Minimal amount of work required in terms of quality assurance
  • Flow meter with high chemical resistance

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