Germs don't stand a chance

Fancy a sip of fresh spring water? Sometimes it's not as straightforward as you might think because even water from natural sources can be contaminated. This can be solved with effective cleaning via ultrafiltration – as it is in the municipality of Vohenstrauß.

Contamination of the spring water

The municipality of Vohenstrauß in the Upper Palatine Forest near the Czech border supplies its 8,000 residents with potable water from the Fahrenberg spring. However in 2009, the spring had to be separated from the main water supply because of bacteriological contamination in the form of coliforms in the spring water. This meant that all of the potable water that was needed had to be bought in.

The goal of those responsible was to be able to once again use the low-nitrate water as potable water thus remove the need to buy in water. Additionally, the intention was to produce safe potable water with as few chemicals as possible.

Key figures

  • Supply of potable water to 8,000 residents
  • Hourly cleaning of 4.5 - 9 m3 of contaminated spring water
  • Application of ultrafiltration and UV systems for the elimination of germs

Effective filtration

The town of Vohenstrauß tasked ProMinent with the installation of a state-of-the-art, fully-automatic ultrafiltration system Dulcoclean® and a UV system Dulcodes for irradiation in the elevated tank under the Fahrenberg hill. This process sees the spring water compressed by the filtration module, which has pores with a maximum size of 0.02 microns (the diameter of human hair is around 70 microns).

The system therefore effectively filters particles, like turbidity, germs, parasites and viruses out of the water (the smallest viruses measure 0.025 microns). The system delivers consistent filtrate quality, even with temporary clouding or microbiological contamination following precipitation – without turbidity and free from pathogens. Over the course of one year, the system is thus able to clean between 40,000 and 50,000 m3 of potable water.


  • Following commissioning of the fully automatic ultrafiltration and UV system, Vohenstrauß can now unrestrictedly use the low-nitrate water from its Fahrenberg spring
  • Supply of hygienically clean potable water guaranteed at any time
  • Environmentally-friendly solution, as only a few chemicals are needed
  • Buying in potable water is no longer necessary, which also reduces costs and means that the system will pay for itself within a few years

»The system cleans between 4.5 and 9 cubic metres of water every hour. Thanks to its intelligent control system, operation is fully automatic, and it effectively and independently adjusts the intervals and duration of backflushing according to the degree of contamination in the spring water. We have further safety with the downstream UVC system, as it reliably disinfects the water with ultraviolet radiation free from chemicals. We are very happy to once again be able to use the Fahrenberg spring as our potable water supply.« -  Theo Schwägerl, Water Master

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