A small solution for major success

Many water suppliers use chlorine for disinfection. Increasingly stringent environmental requirements and greater need for process optimization and safety are upping the demand for consistently precise chlorine feed and dosage control. A tailor-made metering system is the perfect alternative when a complete overhaul is economically not feasible.

Fickle water works

The towns of Hampton and Shaler are located in the forested hills to the north of the town of Pittsburgh in the US state of Pennsylvania. Their water supply – still a good 500 kilometres of pipework – has been handled by the joint “Hampton Shaler Water Authority” (HSWA) since 2012. The system in Shaler was modernised just before the merger installing safer, efficient and cost-effective water disinfection using sodium hypochlorite (NaOCI). A complete conversion of the ageing system was structurally and economically not feasible, however the required improvements could also be achieved with a modular metering system. The prerequisite was a manufacturer with extensive knowledge and expertise, who could tailor the system precisely to the specific requirements of the respective application – a case for ProMinent Fluid Controls, Inc.

Key data

  • Supply of 25,000 people in the small towns of Hampton and Shaler near Pittsburgh with 4.9 billion litres of water every year
  • Installation of five made-to-measure metering skids in place of refurbishment of the entire systems
  • Two solenoid driven metering pumps gamma/ L per skid, double-walled storage tanks, sensors, interface for control system, cabling and pipework
  • Cost-effective and efficient conversion, demand-led control, reliable compliance with the required chlorine content

A modern solution for modern water supply

The system in Shaler supplies around 19 million litres of water every day. The raw water comes from 14 springs on the banks of the Allegheny River, is pre-chlorinated, filtered, softened and post-chlorinated with sodium hypochlorite before being fed into the supply pipes. “Booster” injections of chlorine at a pump station ensure that the chlorine percentage remains at the required level along the long network of pipes. ProMinent supplied a total of five fully integrated disinfection systems as skids for the main plant, fully wired and piped, with sensors for residual chlorine analysis and interfaces to the HSWA SCADA control system, as well as two double-walled storage tanks, each holding 2300 US gallons (approx. 8700 litres) of sodium hypochlorite. Two solenoid driven metering pumps gamma/ L come into their own in each of the skids.

All objectives cost-effectively achieved

The solenoid driven metering pumps gamma/ L are ideal with gaseous chemicals, as their automatic bleeding ensures trouble-free operation. The pump capacity can be regulated on demand using the SCADA system. All this was complemented by the convenient handling of the project: ProMinent installed the skids ready for operation, but had also thoroughly tested them prior to delivery.

  • Safe disinfection using sodium hypochlorite (NaOCI)
  • Cost-effective conversion using tailored metering systems rather than complete refurbishment
  • Ready-to-use “plug-and-play” solution
  • Durable pumps for low-maintenance continuous operation
  • Convenient operation, thanks to convenient parameter setting and connected control

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