On-site service

Allow us to take a closer look. The trained eyes of our technicians will see instantly whether we need to intervene in the form of corrective work or a replacement.

This firstly protects against unexpected incidents and secondly extends the service life of your ProMinent system. Should major repairs be necessary, we will of course undertake them but only once you have expressly agreed to this. For optimum results in the future too.

You can rely on that

  • Visual inspection and functional check of the system
  • Replacement of the necessary sealing and wearing parts as required
  • With measuring systems: Calibration of our measuring points
  • Production of a detailed service report

Clear benefits for you

  • Quick overview of the state of your system
  • Improved operating reliability
  • Fulfilment of statutory requirements thanks to detailed inspection report
  • Assistance in documenting your obligations as the operator

Important to know

  • System must be freely accessible
  • System must be clean and free of chemicals
  • Safe working on the system must be ensured
  • Contact on site

Refer to the quotation for the maintenance interval and dates.

Documented in an inspection report.

Flyer - Inspection

And while we are on the subject of service - simply download the information in compact PDF format.

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