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The better you understand your ProMinent product, the better you can use and care for it. That is why we are sharing our knowledge with you first hand. Build on your product knowledge in levels ranging from the basics of how things work to professional expertise. Safety will become a matter of course and you will be ready for anything.

Your ProMinent training services

Level 1 service training

Service training

A new product means new things to learn. Let our technician instruct you on site. Learn how to safely use the basic settings and functions and how to set up and read control values.


Level 2 service training

Service training

Familiarise yourself with your product. Already completed level 1? Then in level 2 we will show you how to undertake tests and minor repairs yourself. You will get a good overview and learn to better understand how your ProMinent system works.


Level 3 service training

Service training

All your questions are answered. After levels 1 and 2, you will extend your knowledge and improve your handling of the product. Also learn from professionals how to independently find and remedy errors or faults.


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