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The availability of materials tailored precisely to your ProMinent system makes you flexible and independent. We can supply maintenance and repair materials or our material boxes, that you can store on site, setting you up perfectly and keeping your ProMinent system perfectly maintained.

Your ProMinent material services

Repair material

Material service

Are your service professionals already on site? Do you simply not have the material to repair your ProMinent system yourself? We are also happy to provide the material you need independently of our repair service.


Repairs material box

Material service

This box is packed full of things to help with immediate remedial action on your ProMinent system. It is individually equipped with all the necessary and recommended spare components and stored on site. So you can respond immediately when necessary.


Maintenance material

Material service

Are your service professionals already on site? Are you just missing the material to carry out maintenance on your ProMinent system yourself in line with the applicable specifications? We can help here too. We can provide the material separately of our maintenance service.


Maintenance material box

Material service

Specifically tailored to your system, this box ensures maximum availability of all the maintenance materials you need. Once ordered, keep the box on site and it can be simply refilled when parts are used.


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