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ProMinent service technicians are there for you whenever you need them. And better still: precisely where you need them - in other words on site on your system. Tap into the benefits of our services for maintenance, inspections and repairs. It’s not just you who stands to gain from the know-how of our experts – your ProMinent system will benefit too.

Your ProMinent on-site services


On-site service

Let the expert get to work. This guarantees that all the sealing and wearing parts on your ProMinent system are expertly replaced and in the best condition.



On-site service

Be prepared for emergencies. Because we’re there for you, whenever you need us. You can trust our experts when it comes to quickly getting your ProMinent system back up and running. So you have the peace of mind that you are ready for incidents should they arise.



On-site service

Allow us to take a closer look. The trained eyes of our technicians will see instantly whether we need to intervene in the form of corrective work or a replacement.


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