ProMinent supports the Wii project at Anpfiff ins Leben youth centre in Heidelberg

ProMinent combined the 2014 World Cup with charity through a prize draw and an associated good cause.

Each week, participants in the prize draw had the chance to win a barbecue, a barbecue utensil set or a recipe book. The unique feature was that throughout the World Cup, the Heidelberg-based manufacturer presented its staff in the form of a team on the pitch. And for every person who took part in the draw, the company made a donation to the Wii project at Anpfiff ins Leben e.V.

" Anpfiff ins Leben" is a charitable organisation whose aim is to support young people in the Rhine-Neckar region with a love of sports to achieve their full potential both personally and in their careers.

Young and old
Like all the organisation's projects, the Wii project focuses on bringing people together and helping them learn about people whose lives are different from their own. In this case the young people are encouraged to make friends with older people and enjoy spending time with them so that both age groups can learn from each other. The Wii games take place once a month at a retirement home in Kirchheim near Heidelberg. The Wii is ideal for the project as the motor skills required to master the controller are not difficult. Hitting a ball or rolling a bowling ball is easy even for those who don't do a lot of physical activity. Playing games engages the whole body and not just the hands and fingers, providing physical as well as mental stimulation for older people.

Tobias Knauber, Online Marketing Manager, and Sara Motallebi, a student at ProMinent GmbH, paid a visit to see the project in action.

"An event like this, which brings together young and old to share experiences, is incredibly interesting," Tobias Knauber said afterwards. Sara Motallebi added: "I was especially struck by the enthusiasm of the older people."

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