Sustainable pool operation in Heidelberg

High-performance measuring and control technology from ProMinent is providing sustainable water treatment for municipal swimming pools in the city of Heidelberg. Economical operation ensures that all visitors can continue to enjoy the pools in the long term.

Always up-to-date

The company which operates Heidelberg's municipal pools, Stadtwerke Heidelberg Bäder, is responsible for five swimming pools with around 500,000 visitors per year. Efficient, sustainable operation is essential to the successful, long-term utilisation of the individual pools. All are therefore operated with green electricity and eco-friendly heating. To remain state-of-the-art, in 2014 the water treatment and disinfection systems were modernised at the pool on Tiergartenstrasse. The project consisted of the complete dismantling of the old systems and the installation and commissioning of new ones. The most important element in the project was the precise configuration of the metering pumps to meet the demands of the feed rates and pressure levels. The operator chose two local companies to realise this ambitious project: the IBA TechnikCenter of IBA-Aqua-Pflege-Produkte GmbH and ProMinent GmbH.

Key figures

  • Modernisation of the water treatment and disinfection systems in the public swimming pool
  • Quick turn-around time needed due to the season starting
  • Complete installation of measuring and control technology as well as several metering pumps

Installation in record time

In early May 2014, just before the start of the new season, the new water treatment and disinfection technology went into operation at the pool on Tiergartenstrasse. And despite the amount of work involved, the installation team from the IBA TechnikCenter only needed two days to complete their work. Close cooperation with the Heidelberg Stadtwerke and reliable delivery of the components also contributed to the speedy installation.

Alongside the installation of the solenoid metering pumps Beta® and the robust peristaltic pumps DULCO®flex DF4a, ProMinent's scope of delivery included the multi-channel measuring and control system DULCOMARIN® II. The bypass fittings are made from pre-assembled in-line probe housing modules, fitted with screw-in sensors for pH, ORP and chlorine. Thanks to flow control, only a small volume of sample water is needed for a quick measurement. The DULCOMARIN® II is connected to the pool's building management system by means of a CAN bus system and thus controls all the associated water circulation systems remotely.

Everyone's a winner

From the initial comprehensive consultation from IBA TechnikCenter, via the bidding phase right up to the awarding of the contract and installation, the project was managed to the utmost satisfaction of the customer, to which the open and continuous communication of all those involved also significantly contributed. Stadtwerke Heidelberg benefits from minimal maintenance and operation requirements as well as high operating safety and reliability. But the real winners are the visitors old and young who come to enjoy the city's pools, because they can relax and enjoy themselves knowing that the water is of optimum quality, wherever they go.

  • Installation of high-performance measuring and control technology with the DULCOMARIN® II controller reduces operating costs
  • Reduction of the chemical use thanks to precise metering increases work safety
  • Successful collaboration between competent local companies means everyone's a winner

»We have now fitted out the water treatment systems at all our pools with ProMinent measuring and control technology. The control systems work very accurately and extremely well – we've significantly reduced fluctuations in measured values. This technology also helps us improve our resource efficiency, firstly through lower electricity consumption and secondly through reduced chemical use. We're protecting the environment and reducing our operating costs.« -  Peter Erb, managing director of Stadtwerke Heidelberg Bäder

Used Products - Sustainable pool operation in Heidelberg

ORP measurements with DULCOTEST sensors: Precise, reliable and application-adapted measured values in real-time. Can be used in water treatment or industrial process waters with strict requirements.


pH measurements with DULCOTEST sensors: Precise, reliable and application-adapted measured values in real-time. Control, regulate and monitor chemical processes with the aid of precise measured values.


The application-based DULCOTEST sensors for free chlorine deliver precise measured values and a high degree of monitoring and process reliability in any disinfection application.


The peristaltic pump DULCOFLEX DF4a for metering flocculants and activated charcoal treats water precisely and accurately. It is ideal for use in swimming pools, hot tubs or spa and wellness facilities. An operating pressure up to 4 bar is possible.


All-purpose solenoid-driven metering pump for metering liquid media in water treatment and chemical processes: Solenoid-driven metering pump beta. Cost-effective, overload-proof and adaptable to existing signal transducers.


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