Digital procurement

The digitization of business relationships is an important step in the continuous development and streamlining of all associated processes. We would like to go this path together with our suppliers.

The digitization of business relationships is an important step in the continuous development and streamlining of all associated processes. We would like to go this path together with our suppliers.

ProMinent has decided to use the Source-2-Pay solution from SAP Ariba to map operational and strategic purchasing processes and procedures in the future. Find out below what SAP Ariba is, when ProMinents will switch to Ariba, how you, as our supplier, can become part of the SAP Ariba network, what advantages you will have as a result and how the ordering process will be structured in the future.

We are pleased that we are continuing our business relationships as partners on the Ariba Network and that we are taking an important step towards the future together.

Thank you and we look forward to a continued good cooperation.

Overview of the implementation activities and modules

The various SAP Ariba modules will be introduced successively over the period from September 2020 to July 2021. During this implementation, which is divided into phases, we will proactively approach our existing suppliers directly as required.

The introduction will initially focus on the Heidelberg location, which will be followed by further global branches in a rollout. The introduction is implemented in the following order:

Picture SAP Ariba steps

What is SAP Ariba and what are the advantages of trading over the network?

  • SAP Ariba is the largest B2B trading platform in the world. The digital marketplace enables companies to maintain their business relationships and process their transactions with maximum efficiency. According to SAP, around 4.4 million companies from 190 countries were Ariba network partners in 2019. They have traded approximately 195 million e-catalog items, completed 180 million transactions and achieved a trade volume of 2.9 billion US dollars.
  • The processing of transactions via the SAP Ariba Network is not only a great benefit for ProMinent but also for our suppliers.

The following Ariba modules are implemented at ProMinent

Commerce Automation

As a supplier, you will in future receive orders via the SAP Ariba network. A large part of the associated handling of the individual process steps is also mapped by you as the supplier. These include, among others

  • Receipt of the order via the SAP Ariba network
  • The order confirmation from you as a supplier via SAP Ariba
  • Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN) by you as a supplier via SAP Ariba
  • All communication (dunning for orders etc.) via SAP Ariba
  • Bidirectional transmission of order-related documents (drawings, certificates, etc.) via SAP Ariba

Guided Buying

Orders are placed with suppliers by our employees directly via SAP Ariba. The basis for this is the integration or linking (punch-out) of article e-catalogs, which can be provided in CIF or Excel formats by suppliers via SAP Ariba.

This essentially covers the following procurement areas at ProMinent:

  • Indirect Materials (e.g. auxiliary and operating materials, consultancy services, protective clothing, etc.) and CAPEX
  • Service / spare parts business (ProMinent-specific e-catalogs) - in planning
  • Project business (inquiries from the project department to suppliers and, if necessary, ordering the requested goods directly from our project business employees) - in planning

Strategic Sourcing Suite

Within this extensive module, we map the entire supplier management (supplier qualification, supplier evaluation, etc.), as well as strategic procurement activities (tenders, awarding of contracts, etc.).

Would you like to become a ProMinent supplier? Then you always have to use the Strategic Sourcing Suite. You create an account and fill out an individual self-assessment, create a profile and, if necessary, will be contacted by our strategic purchasing department.

Tenders are only communicated, managed and finally managed via the portal.

Your benefits at a glance

Your benefits at a glance

The advantages of registering on the Ariba Network in detail

The processing of transactions via the SAP Ariba network is not only a great asset for ProMinent, but also for our suppliers. Your benefits at a glance:

  • End-to-end transparency gives you constant access to the latest order changes; Errors and deviations due to manual data entry are prevented: Information is updated within minutes; You and we have access to the same information worldwide and around the clock, no more searching through printed PO changes. In future, order confirmations and changes will be created directly from the order via the portal. This guarantees us and you an error-free and transparent ordering process
  • Digital networking with numerous customers: As one of the largest digital business networks worldwide, the Ariba Network is used by numerous companies (currently over 4 million). The platform also offers you the opportunity to work with other customers and to acquire new customers.
  • Guided Buying
    • leads to more potential sales volume for affiliated suppliers through the targeted control of procurement behavior and article availability within ProMinent
    • Significant reduction of effort within the procurement process, fewer queries and one-to-one negotiations through agreed conditions stored in e-catalogs
    • One-Look - multiple-customers - The global rollout gives suppliers uncomplicated access to potential customers within the ProMinent group
  • A robust procurement mechanism encourages self-service collaboration with our preferred suppliers.
  • The Strategic Sourcing Suite (SSS) for all strategic procurement activities within the ProMinent Group provides you as a supplier with a one-stop shop free of charge:
    • All relevant tender documents can be uploaded to the online platform (up to 100 MB ).
    • You have to enter your master data, e.g. in case of address changes only once on the SAP Ariba platform. The changes are then forwarded to the customers in your network and transferred to the ProMinent SAP system.
    • All ProMinent tenders relevant to you are visible at a glance, making your decision for or against participation easier.
    • All communication between you and ProMinent in relation to the tender is saved in the message history.
    • You have an overview of the status of your tenders at all times.
    • Faster, standardized and transparent processing of tenders
    • As a preferred partner, you have full transparency through the system about possible procurement projects in the ProMinent group
    • Standardized and transparent supplier evaluation
    • You can apply in a standardized way for product groups that you are not yet delivering to us.
    • In the future, SSS will be used worldwide, which is why all ProMinent group buyers can get an idea of your services - even in the countries that you do not yet supply.
    • You are also part of the SAP Ariba Network, which opens up other business opportunities beyond ProMinent.
    • Many more advantages

Next steps for you as a supplier

What steps do you have to take in order to be able to continue your business relationship with ProMinent via SAP Ariba?

In order to be able to successfully continue your supply relationship after the introduction of SAP Ariba at ProMinent, you must be or become a member of the SAP Ariba network .

Is your company already a member of the SAP Ariba Network?

If you are already a member of the SAP Ariba Network, you can also use your existing account to process your business with ProMinent. Please be sure to contact us by sending us your contact person for e-commerce and your Ariba Network ID (ANID).

Would you like to join the SAP Ariba Network?

Choose the Ariba Network account type that's right for you.

SAP offers its Ariba network partners two different account types. Which account type you choose is up to you. You can choose between a SAP Ariba Network Standard (Light) Account and an Enterprise (Full) Account. E-catalog suppliers require an enterprise account.

If you have any questions, please contact the ProMinent Supplier Enablement Team at .

A standard (light) account makes sense for you if your annual number of documents is low and you do not want to provide an e-catalog. All relevant documents (orders, confirmations, delivery notifications) can be processed via the standard (light) account, but it does not offer all network functionalities. For example, orders are only stored on the network for a limited period of time.

If you want to offer an e-catalog, an enterprise account is mandatory. If you do not have an e-catalog for PROMINENT, the Enterprise Account is still advisable if you exchange a lot of documents with PROMINENT and want to benefit fully from all Ariba Network functions.

The following table shows the two account types in comparison:

Picture account types

While the SAP Ariba Network Standard (Light) Account is free, there are fees for the SAP Ariba Network Enterprise (Full) Account. The fees are set by SAP Ariba and cannot be influenced by ProMinent. Find the Ariba fee list applicable to your region here.

Composition of the costs for an enterprise account

Composition of the costs for an enterprise account

Ariba Network fee calculator — Step by Step

Ariba Network fee calculator — Step by Step

Use the Ariba Network fee calculator to find out whether your Enterprise Account remains free (depending on the transaction volume and the number of documents). To do this, first follow the link to the SAP Ariba website . Then select the tab "Calculate the value to your business". The mask shown in the picture opens. After entering your data, you will find the cost overview below.

Set the value for "Number of invoices you'll submit" to 0.

Registration process

Everything starts with supplier enablement.

1. ProMinent will send you one notification with the most important information about the implementation of SAP Ariba at ProMinent. ProMinent also holds supplier summits (webinars). If you have not yet sent us your contact details for your e-commerce employee, please inform ProMinent by e-mail ( ) so that we can change them. If you already have an account on the Ariba Network , please log in with your existing user data and accept ProMinents Trading Relationship Request (TRR).

2. Please attend one of the supplier summits (webinars) if you do not already have an account on the Ariba Network.

3. During the supplier summit, ProMinent will announce further details about the project. You will also have the chance to ask your questions after the webinar. You will then be asked to register on the Ariba Network, if you have not already done so.

4. ProMinent will send you a Trading Relationship Request (TRR) on the Ariba Network after you have registered on the SAP Ariba network.

5. Please accept the (TRR) from ProMinent.

6. If you need support, please contact the ProMinent Supplier Enablement Team at the e-mail address

7. Please configure your account on the Ariba Network according to the ProMinent project specifications.

8. Once everything is configured correctly, you are ready to conduct paperless business transactions with ProMinent (and other customers) on the Ariba Network. So you are part of global digital supply chains.

How is the transaction process between your company and ProMinent after the introduction of SAP Ariba?

In the following you can see the document flow and the various connection options. If you want full integration, please write your request to .

Picture SAP business process

Where can I find out more?

To make the transition to SAP Ariba easier for you and your employees, SAP offers numerous training courses that you can find under the following links:

Information on user accounts

What is a standard (light) account?

How do I create an Ariba account?

How much is the fee for using the Ariba network?

What counts as a document?

Will the transaction fee be changed from the current 0.155%?

Do the specified value limits of the subscription fees (e.g. for number of documents or annual turnover) only apply in relation to business with ProMinent?

If we work with multiple customers through Ariba, then we need to have multiple subscriptions numbers?

What is the difference between the four Enterprise (Full) Account subscriptions (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)?

What if the annual number of documents is a subscription level lower than the one for which the fee was paid?

From what size does a standard (light) or enterprise (full) account make sense?

Is it possible to create an e-catalog so that the requester can book our products and services directly?

Which account do you need so that you can fully integrate your ERP system?

How can we activate ourselves for an enterprise (full) account?

When can you start linking to ProMinent on the Ariba network?

Is there such a thing as an order notification?

Can profiles be created in the Ariba network?

You are a group of companies with a large number of legally independent units, all of which must be registered separately. Is this possible?

Who will initially put my company's data on the Ariba network?

On the subject of data security: Where and for how long is my data stored when using SAP Ariba and who has access to it?

Can I get in touch with my contact person in ProMinent Purchasing if I have any further, especially technical questions about SAP Ariba?

Information for e-catalog suppliers

Why do e-catalog suppliers need an enterprise (full) account?

In what format can an e-catalog be made available?

Which eClass or UNSPSC version should be stored in the e-catalog?

What you have to consider when creating an e-catalog for PROMINENT:

Orders through the Ariba Network

How does the sending of the order confirmation or the order confirmation work?

Is it possible to have only one central email address for receiving orders or several?

What do I do if the order in the email does not contain the correct data or the invoice amount is different due to additional work?

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