Imperial Palace Saipan – Total luxury in the heart of the Pacific

Magnificent and luxurious – a Chinese investor has built a resort a cut above the rest on the island of Saipan. The potable water and pool water need to be treated perfectly and reverse osmosis and UV systems from ProMinent have been tasked with the job.

How do you make water from the Pacific Ocean drinkable?

In the heart of the peaceful ocean lies Saipan, the largest island and capital of the Northern Mariana Islands, part of the US Commonwealth. Saipan can be reached by plane in a good four hours from Manila or Tokyo. Surrounded by a natural coral reef, the island is a dream destination for divers. Garapan on the west coast is the largest town and is very popular with tourists. The tropical maritime climate means that the air and sea temperatures are between 25°C and 29°C all year round. It’s the ideal place to open a fantastic luxury hotel with casinos and an incredible range of entertainment. But like on most islands, there is one major challenge: providing discerning guests with sufficient potable water of an outstanding quality at any time of day or night. ProMinent’s vast experience in implementing major projects and outstanding past experience in the hotel sector makes it the perfect water treatment partner.

Key data:

  • Major project for supplying potable water to a luxury resort with over 300 rooms, suites and 15 villas on a Pacific island
  • All the technology needed to treat seawater, comprising two reverse osmosis systems SW and 18 UV systems for disinfection without the use of chemicals
  • A total of 27 UV systems for water disinfection for numerous pools

Water treatment par excellence

In keeping with the standards of the operator, Imperial Pacific International Holdings Ltd., high-tech systems from ProMinent were put into place. In September 2017, the following components and systems were started up: two reverse osmosis systems SW with integrated semi-automatic cleaning system for treating 600 m³ of seawater a day; one feedwater pump and five rotary lobe pumps to dewater concentrate and backwash water; the associated powerful measuring and control technology; 18 UV systems Dulcodes Z (ANSI-compliant) equipped with energy-efficient high-output lamps Opti-Flux 300 W. To disinfect the pool water, 23 UV systems of the Dulcodes A type with lamp outputs of between 1,000 and 3,000 W and four systems of the Dulcodes LP type, including pumps and sensors, were also installed.

Top-class technology in a tropical paradise

Whether it’s the ice cubes in the cocktail glasses or the crystal-clear pool water in the Premier Pool Suite – around the clock, ProMinent systems guarantee optimum operational safety and the reliable and chemical-free treatment of potable water and pool water. The reverse osmosis systems are made from high-grade materials and offer perfect protection from corrosion and very long diaphragm lives. They can be easily adapted to special customer requirements and the entire treatment process can be displayed on a PLC. Another advantage is that operating staff are trained in depth on location. The Imperial Palace very much appreciated this ProMinent service as it allows them to handle all the plant engineering themselves and intervene rapidly in the event of any problems. Conclusion: All’s good in paradise!

  • Safe supply of potable water guaranteed by treating seawater using reverse osmosis systems
  • The water generated offers perfect quality and an outstanding tast
  • Chemical-free disinfection of potable water and pool water with UV systems
  • In-house handling of all the plant engineering since operating staff are trained on location

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