Bypass Fittings for Sensors

Your sensors are ideally accommodated in the bypass fitting. This fitting ensures optimum measuring conditions.

Product description

In-flow measurement

We offer a range of bypass fittings for specific integration into processes. They hold potentiometric and amperometric sensors as well as conductivity sensors and ensure optimum operating conditions for measurement.

DGM Modular In-Line Probe Housing

Modular in-line probe housing type DGM to hold conductivity, Pt 100, pH or ORP sensors with PG 13.5 screw-in thread or amperometric sensors with R 1" screw-in thread.


  • Simple installation (completely ready mounted on a panel); max. 7 modules on a panel
  • Simple retrofit extension option (see extension modules)
  • Module for sample water flow control
  • Quick measurement recording due to low volume of sample water
  • Each completely assembled DGM is equipped with a simple sampling tap

Ball valves on both sides for shutting off the flow and for flow adjustment.

With this: Sampling tap, extension modules, connection line, ball-type stopcock, sensor mounting kit and other accessories.


All modules: Transparent PVC

Seals: FKM

Calibration cup: PP

Mounting panel: PVC white

Max. temperature60 °C
Max. pressure6.0 bar up to 30 °C, 1.0 bar up to 60 °C
Max. flow rate80 l/h
Recommended Flow volume40 l/h
Flow sensor

Reed contact

Max. switch power 3 W

Max. switch voltage 175 V

Max. switch current 0.25 A

Max. operating current 1.2 A

Max. contact resistance 150 mΩ

Switching hysteresis20%
Enclosure ratingIP 65
Typical applicationsPotable water, swimming pool water or water of similar quality with no suspended solids.
AssemblyMax. 5 modules pre-assembled onto baseboard: more than 5 modules, pre-assembled onto baseboard as custom version, priced accordingly.

FKM = Fluorine Rubber

Sampling Tap for DGM

For PG 13.5 and 25 mm modules designed as a convenient ball valve.

Order no.
PG 13.5 sampling tap 1004737
25 mm sampling tap 1004739

Expansion Modules for DGM

For simple retrofit to an existing DGM.

Order no.
Flow expansion module with scale in l/h1023923
Flow expansion module with scale in gph1023973
Flow sensor for flow expansion module (optional)791635
Expansion module for PG 13.5 sensors1023975
Expansion module for 25 mm sensors1023976

Connecting Lead

For fluid voltage comparison in-line probe housing DLG III, DLG IV and DGMA with connector, 5 m.

Order no.
Connector cable818438

Isolation Ball Valve for DGM

To isolate the bypass from the process flow

Order no.

Mounting Kit for Sensor/DGM

For mounting amperometric sensors with R 10 connection

Order no.
Mounting kit for sensor/DGM791818

Recommended Accessories

Order no.
for potential equalizer plug791663
Flow sensor for flow expansion module (optional)791635
additional calibration cup791229
PG 13.5 sampling tap for 13.5 module1004737
25 mm sampling tap for 25 mm module1004739
  • pk_6_066
  • pk_6_071

DLG III Type In-Line Probe Housing

In-line probe housing type DLG III to hold 2 sensors (conductivity, Pt 100, pH or ORP sensors) with PG 13.5 screw-in thread plus one sensor with R 1" screw-in thread (amperometric sensors) with integrated stainless steel pin as liquid reference potential.

On the inlet side the DLG III is equipped with a plastic ball valve for blocking and adjusting the sample water flow.

With this: Sample water cup with backwash fitting and connecting line with connector for liquid potential equalisation, length 5 m.


Material: Rigid PVC

Transparent housing cup: Polyamide

Ball valve material: Rigid PVC

Max. pressure1.0 bar
Max. temperature55 °C
Typical applicationsCooling water, slightly contaminated waste water, turbid water, no sludge.
TypeMax. temperatureOrder no.
DLG III A with PVC hose connectorsfor PE line Ø 8/5 mm55914955
DLG III A with flushing connector and PVC hose connectionfor PE line Ø 8/5 mm551029096
DLG III B with PVC adhesive connectorsfor pipe connection Ø 16 DN 1055914956
Assembly kit for fitting amperometric sensors55815079

DLG Sampling Water Cup

Order no.
DLG III sampling water cup with back flush device1029095

Connecting Lead

Order no.
Connector cable818438
  • pk_6_063

DLG IV Type In-Line Probe Housing

In-line probe housing type DLG IV to hold 4 sensors (pH, ORP, Pt 100, conductivity) with PG 13.5 screw-in thread. With integrated stainless steel rod as liquid reference potential and bracket for wall mounting.


Material: Hard PVC or PP

Transparent housing cup: Polyamide

Max. pressure1.0 bar
Connection for sample water line Union with d 16/DN 10 insert
TypeMax. temperatureOrder no.
DLG IV PPfor Ø 16/DN 10 pipe work connector801005331
DLG IV PVCfor Ø 16/DN 10 pipe work connector551005332
  • pk_6_070

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In-flow measurement

We offer a range of bypass fittings for specific integration into processes. They hold potentiometric and amperometric sensors as well as conductivity sensors and ensure optimum operating conditions for measurement.

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